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Car Awnings, 4wd Awnings, and Screen Shades.

Perfect Aid Against the Burning Sun.

Car awnings & 4wd awnings including awning extensions are the perfect accessories for your next camping adventure. The Australian sun can put a damper on camping & outdoor activities. Car awnings & 4wd awnings ensure sun safety and heat protection for the entire family.

There are many benefits to investing in car awnings, fwd awnings, and screen shades. Gain comfort, extra space, and a sense of privacy with awning extensions. Awnings add functionality without taking up storage space, so there is really no reason not to enhance your setup.

Enjoy your next camping trip in style and in shade. Car awnings, 4wd awnings, screen shades camping accessories, and many more are available online at Southern X Limits. Why wait to make your purchase? Afterpay is now available so that you can shop now and buy later.