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Beach Sunshades

Do you love the beach but want to effectively protect yourself from the UVs? Southern X Limit will provide you with a safe, comfy shade. Our range of beach tents, shelters, and sunshades will protect your family from sun damages and allow you to just enjoy your day outdoor.

Benefits of using a shelter against the sun

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun is potentially very dangerous. Sunburn is a common risk associated with going to the beach and Australia has one of the highest UV indexes in the world. Nobody is safe under sunlight exposure: especially our children. Although suncream is helpful, the best choice for your and your family’s safety is choosing a type of shelter that provides full protection, is easy to set up, and is comfortable to use.

High-quality beach tents are easy to set up

Our amazing beach sunshades are made of top-quality, UV-safe, and water-resistant materials. They also feature an instant pop-up design that makes their setup quick and easy. Not to mention how much space you can save in your closet! Shop today at Souther X Limits Online Store to explore our incredible offers. Every day we make quality a priority and affordability a value.