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Sleeping bags

Sleeping outdoor is the whole point of camping. If you are someone who loves backpacking, hiking, exploring, and traveling you probably need one asap. A sleeping bag is not just a great investment, but it gives you the ability to sleep anywhere. So no matter what kind of trip you are on or what conditions. It is an essential item to enjoy your next camping trip.

Sleeping cozy and tight in Winter

There are some must-dos before going on a camping trip. One is to make sure that you and your adventure buddies are protected from temperatures cooling down at night. At Southern X Limits we offer top-quality thermal sleeping bags that will allow you to travel in whatever season you prefer, including the coldest.

Enjoying the warm night breeze in Summer

If you are looking for a trip under the stars with a sub-tropics type of weather, you need a sleeping bag designed for mild temperatures. A good night’s sleep is crucial to waking up fresh and energized. Because at Souther X Limits we provide a wide range of sleeping bags, make sure to check the product information to find the perfect match for your type of trip.

Afterpay is now available!

We do not want you to worry about affordability. At Southern X Limits we believe everyone should afford to take an adventure at any time! Payment via Afterpay is now available to make it easier for you to purchase top-quality equipment. What are you waiting for? Shop now and explore our offers!