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Home Gym

Home gyms are ideal for those who love to exercise, yet find getting to the gym on a regular basis to be difficult.

Here are three undeniable benefits of a home gym!

1.A home gym is open 24/7.

Southern X Limits understands that life is super busy and it can be near impossible to make it to the gym. With all of your workout equipment at home, the world will not end if you slept through your morning alarm. You will be able to work out in the comfort of your own home. Maybe go twice a day! This gym is also open on Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve ;).

2.It is a money saver!

Upfront costs of personal gym equipment are only temporary. In the long run, a home gym will save you a tremendous amount of money over time. If you could compare the money spent on personal gym equipment vs. a monthly gym membership and travel expenses, Southern X Limits guarantees that you will save money. PLUS, our gym equipment retains its value and quality, meaning your gym will look and feel professional.

3.Make your own rules.

“Don’t stop!” “Do not lose your form!” These are common things you hear from a screaming gym instructor. Along with the many rules they have. Why alter your personal training style? Why feel uncomfortable while training? Southern X Limits offers all of the at-home gym equipment you need to create your own rules and optimize your personal gym performance.



Showing 1–40 of 189 results